How to order

Its obviously difficult to order any quantities or products directly from these web pages which is why we employ knowledgable and friendly staff to help you decide.
Your first task would be to measure the area that you require, thats a simple length time width calculation. If there is more than one elevation or surface then treat it as multiple totals rounding off to a round figure, so if its 22.7 sq mtrs then call it 23, it's always best to order a little extra to allow for unforseen circumstances. Dont forget to deduct any areas not to be included e.g. doors and windows etc.

Give us a call when you have the Grand area total and product preference, and we will be more than happy to quote/advise you. If you prefer you can contact us by email.

We can supply you with everything you need if you wish to do the work yourself alternatively we will be more than happy to give you a no obligation quote for the whole project, this would mean of course that our surveyor would need to visit the property himself to ascertain what is required to complete a full installation